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Laura "Tegan" Gjovaag's

Featuring Aquaman by various cool artists

I try to link to the websites of the artists who have done sketches for me. If you see an artist on this site without a link and you know of one, please share the link with me at

Again, as a reminder: Almost every sketch in my sketchbook was non-commissioned and done on the floor of a con. These are not the best works of the artists. These are only representative of what the artist can do under pressure in a loud, crowded, and often stressed-out environment. Most of them were done as quickly as possible, to prevent huge lines from forming. Don't judge any of these artists negatively by the artwork you see, instead be as impressed as I am by what they accomplished in far-from-ideal conditions.

Note to Artists: If you would like a larger scan of your piece for your own use, please e-mail me and ask! I'm glad to provide it.